Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions - which may be amended from time to time - apply to all services made available directly or indirectly (via our distributors) online, via any mobile device, by e-mail or by telephone. By going to our (mobile) website, viewing the pages, making use of them and / or making a reservation via any platform (hereinafter referred to as the 'Website'), you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions below (including the privacy statement).

These pages, their content and infrastructure, and the website's online accommodation reservation service are owned, operated and offered by Vacation Curacao and are only offered for your personal, non-commercial use, under the following conditions.

0. Definitions
"Vacation Curacao", "we", "we" or "our" means Rental Management., A private company with limited liability.

"Platform" means the (mobile) website and app where the Service is available, owned, controlled, managed, maintained and / or hosted by Rental Administration.

"Services" means the online reservation service (including the facilitation of payments) of various products and services that are made available from time to time by Suppliers on the Platform.

"Supplier" means the provider of accommodations (eg holiday homes, apartment, B & B, etc.) and any other travel or related product or service that is made available from time to time for reservation on the Platform.

1. Scope of our service
Through this Platform we offer (Rental administration) an online platform where Suppliers can advertise their products and services for reservation, and where visitors of the Platform can make such reservations (ie the reservation service). If you make a reservation through Vacation Curacao, you enter into a (contractually binding) relationship with the Supplier with whom you make a reservation or purchase a product or service (as applicable). We will act exclusively as an intermediary between you and the Supplier from the moment you make your reservation; we will send the details of your reservation to the relevant Supplier (s) and we will send you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the Supplier.

The information we disclose when providing our Services is based on the information provided to us by the Suppliers. The Suppliers use Rental administration software application, they are entirely responsible for updating all rates, availability and other information that is shown on our website. We pay a lot of attention and care to the provision of our services, but we will not verify the information and can not be held responsible for any error whatsoever (including obvious and typographical errors), which interruption (whether it is due to (temporary and / or partial) defects, repair work, upgrading, maintenance of our Platform or something else occurs), inaccurate, misleading or non-truthful information or lack of information. Each Supplier is at all times responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including rates and availability) that is shown on our Platform. Our Platform is not (and should not be regarded as a) recommendation or approval of the quality, service level, classification or number of stars of any Supplier (or its facilities, location, products or services) that is made available. .

Our Services are made available exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. Therefore, it is not permitted to review (information), (content) information, software, reservations, tickets, products or services that are offered on our Platform for any commercial or competitive purpose or activity. spider, scrape), to reproduce, deeplink, use, copy, show or download.

2. Prices, crossed-out prices
The prices on our Platform are very competitive. All rates apply per accommodation for your entire stay and all prices are shown including VAT / sales tax and all other taxes (subject to change of such taxes), unless otherwise stated on our Platform or in the confirmation email. The Supplier may charge the applicable surcharges and taxes (including tourist / city tax) in the event of no-show or cancellation costs. The property may charge applicable taxes in the event of a no-show or cancellation surcharge.

Sometimes cheaper rates are available through our Platform for a specific stay, product or service. However, special conditions and restrictions may apply to these prices made available by the Suppliers, for example non-refundable and non-refundable. Please read the relevant product, service and reservation conditions carefully for such conditions before making a reservation.

This crossed-out price shown for accommodation is based on the Supplier's second-highest current price for your product or service with the same reservation conditions in a 28-day period around your chosen check-in date.

The currency conversion serves as an indication only and may not be regarded as accurate or up-to-date; the actual rates may vary.

Obvious mistakes and (pressure) errors are not binding.

All special offers and promotions are indicated as such.

3. Free
Our Services are free. Unlike many other parties, we will not charge you for our Services or add extra fees to the price of the accommodation.

After the end user has consumed the service or the product of the Supplier or after the guest has stayed at the accommodation (and has paid), the Supplier pays a commission (eg a small percentage of the product price (accommodation) to Vacation Curacao.

4. Credit card or pay through your bank
Certain Suppliers offer the option, where applicable and if available, to pay reservations (in part or in full, as required in the payment terms of the accommodation) during the booking process directly to the Supplier, through secure online payment (as far as this is concerned). is supported by your bank).

5. Prepayment, cancellation, no-show and the small print
By making a reservation with a Supplier, you agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show conditions of that Supplier, and all additional (delivery) conditions of the Supplier that may apply to your reservation or your stay (including of the small print of the Supplier, displayed on our Platform and the applicable house rules of the Supplier), including the provided services and / or products offered by the accommodation provider (the delivery conditions can be obtained from the relevant accommodation provider).

In the event of a no-show or cancellation, the Supplier may charge the applicable cancellation costs. Before booking, please read carefully the (reservation) details of the product or service of your choice for such conditions.

To view, change or cancel your reservation, we refer to your rental confirmation plus conditions. In it you will find the relevant instructions. Please note that charges may be charged for your cancellation and that prepayments may not be refunded if it matches the cancellation, (pre) payment and no show conditions of the accommodation provider. We advise you to carefully read the cancellation, (advance) payment and no-show conditions of the accommodation provider before making your reservation. Also do not forget to make your payments on time, if required.

If you have a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date or arrive the next day, make sure that you (timely / directly) communicate this with the Supplier, so that they know what time they can expect you and you cancel your cancellation. reservation or costs for a no-show. Our customer service can, if necessary, assist you with informing the Supplier. Vacation Curacao accepts no liability or responsibility for the consequences of your late arrival or cancellation or no-show charges charged by the Supplier.

6. (Further) correspondence and communication
By completing a reservation you agree that you (i) can receive an e-mail shortly before your arrival date, with information about your destination as well as certain information and offers (including third party offers if you have actively signed up for this information) that are relevant to your reservation and your destination, and (ii) an e-mail can be sent shortly after your stay in the accommodation in which you are invited to fill out the guest form.

Rental administration accepts no liability or responsibility for any communication with the Supplier on or through its platform. You can not derive any rights from all requests to, or communication with, the Supplier, or (all forms of) the acknowledgment of receipt of every message or request. Vacation Curacao can not guarantee that every request or message will be received / read, complied with, executed or accepted by the Supplier.

To be able to complete and secure your reservation properly, please use your correct e-mail address. We are not responsible or liable for incorrectly entered e-mail addresses or incorrect phone or credit card numbers (and have no obligation to verify this data).

Any claim against or complaint against Vacation Curacao or with regard to the Service must be submitted as soon as possible, but in any case within 30 days after the planned day of use of the product or service (eg check-out date). Any claim or complaint submitted after the 30-day period can be refused and the claimant will lose his right to any compensation (of damages or costs).

Due to the constant updating and changing of prices and availability, we strongly recommend that you make screenshots when making the reservation to support your position (if necessary).

7. Guest reviews
Every guest of Vacation Curacao receives an automatic "Guest assessment form" after departure. The completed guest form will be uploaded to the relevant Supplier's page on our Platform for the sole purpose of informing (future) customers of your opinion on the service level and the quality of the Supplier, and can (b) by Vacation Curacao to use (in whole or in part) (eg for marketing, advertising or improvement of our service) on our Platform or similar platforms for social media, newsletters, special offers, apps or other channels owned by, offered by , used by or managed by Vacation Curacao. We reserve the right to change, reject or delete assessments at our own discretion. The guest assessment form should be considered as a questionnaire and no further (commercial) offers, invitations or special premiums are offered.

8. Disclaimer
Depending on the limitations as set out in these general terms and conditions and in the highest permitted degree according to the law, we will only be liable for direct damage that has actually been incurred, paid or suffered by you due to a demonstrable failure of our obligations with respect to our services. , to a joint amount of the joint costs of your reservation as set out in the confirmation email (for one incident or for a series of events related to each other).

We or any of our directors, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, distributors, affiliated distribution partners, licensees, intermediaries other than those involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting or otherwise making the website and its content available in the highest permissible extent according to the law, however, are not liable for (i) what compensation with a punitive nature, special, indirect or resulting losses or damage, loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or damage of goodwill or reputation, loss of any claim, for (ii) any inaccuracy regarding the (descriptive) information (including prices, availability and qualification) of the Suppliers available through our Platform for (iii) the services or products that the Supplier or other business partner offers, for (iv) which (d irect or indirect, consequential or damages incurred due to damage compensation, losses or costs incurred by you or that are incurred by you, whether arising from (legal) activities, are the result of, arise from or are related to the use, the inability to use or delay our Platform, or for (v) which (e) (personal.

09. Intellectual property rights
The software required for our services, available to us, or used by our Platform and the intellectual property (including copyright) of the content and the information and material on our Platform, unless otherwise stated, is the property of Vacation Curacao, its suppliers or providers.

Vacation Curacao retains the exclusive property to all rights, names and interests in and to (all intellectual property rights of) (the 'look and feel' (including infrastructure) of) the Platform on which the service is made available (including the guest reviews and translated texts) and you do not have permission to copy, scrape, (hyper- / deep) link, publish, promote, trade, integrate, use, combine or content (including any translations thereof and guest reviews) or our brand otherwise use without our express written permission. To the extent that you would use or combine (fully or partially) our (translated) content (including guest reviews), or whatever intellectual property rights would have on the Platform or (translated) content or guest reviews, you acknowledge, You transfer and hereby transfer all such intellectual property rights to Vacation Curacao. Any unlawful use or any of the above-mentioned actions or behavior constitute a serious violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights).

10. Miscellaneous
To the extent permitted by law these general terms and conditions and the delivery of our services will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Dutch law. Any disputes arising from these general terms and conditions and our services will only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The original English version of these conditions can be translated into other languages. This is a service; the translated version is unofficial. In the event of a dispute or a discrepancy between the English version and a translation of this, the English version shall be deemed to have the highest permitted degree in accordance with the law as the final version. You can not derive any rights from the translated version. The English version of the conditions is available on our Platform. To read it, select 'English' at the top of the language menu. The English version can be sent to you upon written request.

In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid or dissolved, you will remain bound by all other conditions. In such a case, the invalid or dissolved provisions will be replaced by provisions that are binding and that are as much as possible the same as the previously applicable provision that is invalid / dissolved.